Offering Custom Pinstriping Services

Bob “Hot-Rod Bob” Magyarosi is passionate about hot-rods, and if you
are lucky, he will leave his mark on yours.  

Bob is an expert pinstriper, in Highland, Michigan, who offers custom
services to owners of classic cars and custom street rods.  In addition,
Bob offers training classes and support for others interested in becoming
experts in the field of pinstriping.  Bob is committed to the craft of
pinstriping and is active in the pinstriping community, promoting the art
and science of detail painting.

In addition to high-end aesthetic customizations of hot-rod cars, boats,
motorcycles, snowmobiles, etc., Bob offers flat fee rates for the aesthetic
customization of guitars, helmets, hockey masks, cigar humidors, etc.  

Welcome to RP Magyar LLC, home of Magyar Pinstriping and “Hot-Rod
Bob” Magyarosi.
Welcome to RP Magyar LLC
Founded by Bob Magyarosi
Copyright 2009, RP Magyar LLC
Consulting support provided by Eric A. Yeaster,
RP Magyar LLC, Highland, Michigan
Bob Magyarosi, ph: 248-640-5861
Currently located in the Savannah, Georgia area!
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