About Bob Magyarosi…  

Bob Magyarosi founded RP Magyar LLC with a goal of leaving the
corporate world behind and following his dream of entrepreneurship by
embracing his artistic talents.

An accomplished Designer Engineer in the automotive industry, Bob has
traded in his Space Ball for a paintbrush and now instead of designing the
skins and components of modern vehicles Bob leaves his mark on the A-
surfaces of classic hot-rods and Guitars.

Bob owns multiple hot-rod cars and motorcycles himself, and
understands the care and concern owners have for the cherished
possessions to which Bob signs his name.  Like the 32 Ford owned by
Scott Hancock shown here, which won the "
Most Creative Use of
Pinstriping Award
," at the Frankenmuth Autofest, in Frankenmuth,

Next time you see a pinstriped car, boat or motorcycle, look for Bob’s
trademark “Magyar” signature!
Copyright 2009, RP Magyar LLC
Consulting support provided by Eric A. Yeaster,
RP Magyar LLC, Highland, Michigan
Bob Magyarosi, ph: 248-640-5861

Currently located in the Savannah, Georgia area!
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