RP Magyar LLC Offers Education and Training
Committed to the community and the arts, Bob Magyarosi enjoys passing
on the skills of the trade when it comes to detail painting.
Private Classes by appointment

RP Magyar LLC offers private lessons for both beginners and experienced
painters.  Bob Magyarosi offers lessons by the hour, and beginner
supplies are available for purchase.  

Bob’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  Regardless of skill level, you
can be assured of a positive experience learning the skills and knowledge
associate with this distinguished trade by signing up for private lessons.  
Group instruction is also available

Do you have a couple friends that want to learn the art and science of
Pinstriping?  Maybe group lessons are right for you.  Bob offers group
lessons in small groups of only three to five people.  Group sessions are a
structured, intense, two-day seminar, instructed by Bob personally.  The
instructional materials are organized and professional, offered in a casual
atmosphere conducive to creative expression and learning.  

If you are interested in attending a group seminar, contact Bob to get on
the next roster.  Once enrollment reaches three people Bob will set a date
for the next class.  Note that Bob maintains a small group of no more than
five people so that each of the students are ensured a quality instructional

To Email Bob today and start the journey towards expertise in a
distinguished field visit the
Contact Us page on this site.
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