Fully Custom Pinstriping

RP Magyar LLC offers fully custom pinstriping services.  Whether you
are looking for subtle accents to set your classic car apart from the rest,
or a bold expression for your exotic hot-rod, Bob’s award winning style
will put your Car, Boat, Motorcycle, or Snowmobile ahead of the

Other large projects include large tool chests, cabinets, bar mirrors,
restaurants and commercial detailing; even the occasional lawn tractor.

For quotes on large projects, and hourly rates, contact Bob via the
Contact Us page on this site, or you can email Bob at bob@rpmagyar.com
Small Item, ‘Flat Fee’ Pinstriping

RP Magyar LLC offers small item customized pinstriping on an
economical flat fee basis.  This includes Guitars, Helmets, Facemasks,
Coolers, Small hand-carry Toolboxes, and mailboxes.  

If you have an item similar in size to those listed here and would like it
pinstriped, contact Bob today via the website intake, or call Bob directly to
discuss arrangements for shipping, delivery or local pick up.  
Education and Training

Want to learn how to pinstripe?  Already know the basics, but want to
become an expert?  Learn the art and science of pinstriping from an
award-winning expert…
Click Here to learn more!
RP Magyar LLC Offers the Following Services:
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